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British Artist and Print Designer currently living in California.

British Artist and Print Designer currently living in California.

I am a British Artist and Designer that grew up on the South Coast of England. After Art School I got a degree in Fashion Design. My first job was as a Pattern Cutter and then I became a Technical Designer for clothing companies in London. While working for the creative fashion company Ted Baker, I realized I had a need to create for myself. So, in my spare time, I would create fun contemporary art pieces inspired by my childhood memories.

In 1999 I decided to have an exhibition within my own home for fun and invited my friends and family. It was a success. Within a few years I did twenty pop up art shows around London. I showed my art in small gallery spaces, bars, restaurants, even at Waterstones, a big bookshop in Piccadilly Circus. In 2005 I got married to my soulmate and moved to California and was able to work on my art full time.

My husband had a job opportunity to work in Canada in 2010. Leaving my art behind in Palm Springs was very difficult. To continue to be creative I started manipulating photos of my original artwork with Photoshop. I discovered I enjoyed making prints using my art as a starting point. In 2012 I started to use print on demand companies for fun. Other companies then reached out to me and so I started licensing my prints on a wide variety of products.

After winning two print competitions with the company Printed Village, they then invited me to go to New York. This was to film an episode of the Profit with Marcus Lemonis with my famous geometric print that one of his companies wanted as a swimsuit. In 2018 I won the Threadless Accelerator Program. It was after winning this award that I decided to focus more on my original artwork.

We decided to return to Palm Springs in 2018 after a series of family tragedies, including the death of our daughter to SIDS. Not only have I been reunited with my art that I left behind, but I have been able to rediscover my passion for creating original art again. Since moving back, I have had several successful art shows in Palm Springs. I am particularly happy that my studio space located next to the family home is now back up and running. While working in it I feel like I have returned to my happy place.

There are a few ways that I like to create my art. I believe that art does not always have to be flat and it does not always have to be on walls. Sometimes I like to paint in blocks of color or stencil my colors using handmade stencils. I also like to use plaster casts and compose my casts on canvas. I use found objects or plastic letters and make handmade molds. I work in a minimal and clean way. My work is almost childlike and naïve, but my pieces are created in a well thought out way. Sometimes the ideas have been in my head for a long time before I am able to execute them.

However, it has only been recently that I discovered why I create the art and designs that I do. My original art works are inspired by memories or stories. In particular I create art that is connected to the games and toys I played with as a child. Or I create art pieces using words either by hand stenciling them or by making 3D letters. The words I use are from my notebooks that I have written in over the years. Recently I have decided to choose happy and positive sentences from my London notebooks for my latest word pieces.

The digital prints you find here in my shop are inspired by my original artwork and there is a story behind each piece.